Your order can be put on hold by our security system or one of our staff members. In the first place, we would like to ask you to check your ticket inbox on your account if you have received any message from us. If you did simply please follow instructions provided in the ticket. If you didn't please create a ticket with "Hold" in the title.

Here you can find all status explained:
  • Pending - we didn’t receive the money for the order. The order won’t be completed and you won’t be further charged. If you have been charged for “pending order” please contact our support team.
  • Hold - your order has been held due to security reasons. Please check your tickets/e-mail box. If we didn’t send you one already, please contact us via ticket.
  • Completed - your order has been completed and sent. Please find your keys in the “Games” section.
  • Refunded - you purchase has been refunded. Please check your balance or your original payment account.
  • Canceled - your order has been canceled. If you are not aware why, please contact the support team to get more information why.
  • Blacklisted - your account has been banned. Please contact the support team to get more information about the reason.

Your order should be completed as soon as your payment is registered. It should take only a few minutes, however, the timeframe may differ depending on the payment method and your payment provider. Sometimes your order might be put on hold and additional verification might be needed so please check your tickets inbox and if you didn't find the message from us, please contact us.

If you are assured about your order status please, there is an instruction what every status means.

Please bear in mind that a digital product cannot be accepted for return once delivered. We are unable to provide a guarantee to the merchant that the key has not been used. If the key was already used by you, there is nothing we can do.

If the key remains unused, we can always resell it for you. We will put the key up for sale again, and once another customer purchases it and confirms the key is valid and unused, we will be able to offer you a refund for your purchase.

If you have a problem with your key, please create the ticket and send us a description of what happened, including the screenshots from:

  • The key entered in the activation window,
  • Error message if you received any,
  • Your games library, list of licenses, or the purchase history (if available, in the account details for most of the platforms).

Please make sure to check either your e-mail address or the support section on our website. Some orders may have been held due to security reasons and will require additional authorization from the buyer.

See if you have received any automated messages with e-mail confirmation request, and if not reach out to us.

This usually means that code could not be recognized by the platform. Please, double check if you are activating it correctly. You can use the ‘Activation Details’ section in product description for reference.

Also, try to retype the code and look for any possible typos.

If the problem persists, please make sure to contact our support team.

These abbreviations indicate regional restrictions for the offer. EU for European Union, US for United States, EMEA for Europe, Middle East, Africa. Products labeled with those can be activated only in the specified regions. ‘Global’ products can be activated anywhere in the world.


If you received balance for your order, it should be available within no more than a few minutes.
Refunds to the original method of payment may differ in duration depending on the payment method used.

Please, make sure that you entered all the payment details correctlyand that you have the sufficient amount on your account. Should the issue persist, please contact us via a ticket.

You can pay for your purchases with one of numerous payment methods depending on your region and the chosen currency. All the available methods will be visible at the payment step of your purchase.

The available payment methods are also visible at the header of the page.

You will get a notification right away. It should not take longer than a few minutes.

All the necessary information is sent to you in the confirmation email once you place the order. Additionally, you can find the details regarding your order under My Purchases tab on your account.

Most of them are registered on our account within a few minutes. For the ones that take longer, should that happen, we encourage you to check the payment status with your payment provider.